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WealthTech Solutions Designed 
for the Future

Our technology platform was designed to meet the needs of investors in a rapidly-changing financial services environment.

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Austin Capital Advantage

By creating a constantly evolving, cloud-based financial technology environment, Austin Capital delivers an integrated platform with a data structure designed to automate workflows, aggregate data, and facilitate client service.

Asset Management
Regulation and Compliance
Advice and Planning
Corporate Retirement Plans

A wealthtech platform developed to adapt, change, and grow with you. By continuing to evolve and invest in new technology, we provide the tech solution needed for wealth management not only now, but also as the industry changes and heads into the future.


Foreign Currencies


Tech  Partners




Mutual Funds



Asset Management Platform

Our platform creates Unified Managed Household Accounts (UMHAs) that operate on a single, integrated system, allowing a financial advisor to view various assets and product types and create meaningful performance reports.

This holistic household view enables financial advisors to customize investment decisions for each client and simplifies operational procedures that are typically complex and cumbersome:

Overlay Services
Create your own overlay management services or hire a separate overlay manager for portfolios
Investment Flexibility
Mix Mutual Funds, ETFs, Individual Securities, and SMAs in one account or  household.
Tax Optimization
Automated  portfolio and tax optimization across a household supporting goal-oriented  portfolios.
Managed Account Structure
Supports Managed Account programs including Rep as Portfolio Manager, 3rd Party Separate Account Managers, Model Manager, and true Unified Managed Accounts.
Proposal System & Account Opening
Customized proposal system, automated account opening, and automated rebalancing and restriction  management.
Adviser Portal
End-to-end  account support from a robust adviser portal

Family Office Support

Whether managing a Single Family Office or a Multi-Family Office, a powerful technology structure is a basic requirement to manage the complex array of entity structures, investment types, tax information and reporting required to effectively support wealthy individuals and families. Our technology solution for Family Office management has been designed to bring together key functions, such:

Tax planning and compliance
Document Management
Highly-customizable, comprehensive reporting packages
Process automation and workflows
API integration with custodians to streamline trading processes
Bill Paying
Risk Management
Omnibus account trading structure to deliver efficiencies
Aggregation Technology
Compliance solution including drift alerts

Adviser Workstation

Austin Capital’s Adviser Workstation automates key wealth management processes – such as client onboarding, account opening/closing, client review, and investment policy statement tracking – and will make them more scalable and repeatable. It includes workflows and automations for critical functions:

Email and Calendar Integration
Storage and Documents
Asset Management Platform
Account Aggregation Solution
Compliance Alerts
Proposal system with Investment Policy Statement
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