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Technology That Changes Faster Than Client Expectation

A technology ecosystem developed to assist Financial Institutions digitize, grow, and remain competitive.

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How is Austin Capital Unique?

Our ecosystem combines a regulated Financial Institution and  tech stack to offer a Wealth and Banking-as-a-Service platform to assist incumbent financial institutions and fintech startups compete, scale, and create efficiencies. 

Austin Capital allows fintech companies and other third parties to connect with us directly via APIs so they can build banking services on top of our regulated infrastructure, as well as unlock the open banking opportunity reshaping the global financial services landscape.

Services Helping Financial Institutions Succeed

The Austin Capital platform provides Financial Institutions with a cloud-based solution for front-, middle-, and back-office without the need to access dozens of applications.

Tech Stack

The workstation is built on Acceleration Cloud, a tech stack that includes a data warehouse and API integrations with over 20 partners, including Salesforce, Microsoft, financial planning apps, custodians, portfolio accounting, custom applications, and more.

Cloud-Based Environment

With no applications to install or maintain, our cloud-based platform not only reduces your startup and maintenance costs, but also allows for continued improvements with no down time or time-consuming upgrades.

Process Automation

With numerous process automations in place for key functions such as a proposal system, digital account opening, client onboarding, and a compliance module, our platform streamlines many labor-intensive functions.

A Platform Built for the Future

Austin Capital has built a platform designed for functionality and to streamline many labor-intensive functions that hinder Financial Institutions from growing, becoming more efficient, and expanding service options.  By integrating API connections from a wide array of Financial Institutions, our ecosystem allows clients to enjoy a new suite of services they can offer along with a level of automation that speeds up and increases accuracy for many functions, including:

Machine Learning
Robotic Process Automation
Big Data Analytics
Artificial Intelligence


Austin Capital’s Banking-as-a-Service platform is a tech stack that combines our own custody and banking services with those of many other Financial Institutions to deliver unique solutions for our clients, no matter how complex their needs are for banking services.

Payment Processing
High-Yield Options
FDIC Insured Accounts
Crypto (coming soon)
Debit and Credit Card Programs (coming soon)

WealthTech that Elevates the Client Experience

Austin Capital’s client portal has been designed to give clients information, reporting, and features that elevates their user experience and adds value to your advisory relationship. With account aggregation, portfolio performance reporting, a document vault, and more, your clients will feel connected and up to date any day, any time.

Account Overview Dashboard

With a dashboard that rolls up all client accounts to create a unified household view, clients can performance versus their benchmark, asset allocation breakdowns, transactions, and more.

Document Vault

With a secure document vault, our platform gives clients the ability to upload critical documents such as wills, insurance polices, identification documents, and more. And client portfolio performance reports can also be shared with clients at any time.

Performance Reporting

Clients are able to select the performance details they want to see. With the ability to select views such as return, market value, and risk vs. return, clients are provided with flexibility and as much or as little detail as they want.

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